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The Official film's website has been launched! A full featured website with tools to help visitors join the movement to eradicate hpv related cancers.

Visitors can now find screenings of the film in their area in realtime. They can also choose to host or sponsor a screening in their community. Director Frederic Lumiere says "We're on a mission. Making the film was the first step and this website is the next step to launch this movement which has already gained a lot of momentum. We've done more than 100 screenings around the country and I believe we'll do alot more in the months to come."

Cheryl Staurulakis, the Impact & Outreach producer says " is the headquarter for anyone interested in joining the movement. My future Grand Children could view cervical cancer like we do small pox. We have the tools today to prevent these 6 HPV related cancers and this film is the tool needed to educate and inspire people to use them."

Come visit the and join the movement to save lives and eradicate hpv related cancer now!

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