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SACRIFICE is Number 3 Documentary in the Word!

The Wit conducted a study for the French Association of Authors (SCAM) and found that SACRIFICE was the #3 documentary in the world.

"By ranking documentaries which had the most impact in the world for the last two years (2012-1014), the number 3 (after 'Africa' from the BBC and 'Cosmos' from Nat Geo) is the mini-series SACRIFICE directed by Daniel Costelle, Isabelle Clarke and Frederic Lumiere. The series aired in Asia and Quebec on June 2nd 2014, TF1 in France on June 5th, and in the United States, Europe, Asia, Australia on The National Geographic Channel that same week.

In 2014, French filmmakers Clarke & Costelle reached out to the French-American director Frederic Lumiere to executive produce their 2nd best-seller of the year based on archival films brought back to color in HD and surround sound. The subject this time was D-DAY: Sacrifice. Five years prior, Frederic Lumiere produced and directed the international competing series to Apocalypse WWII the Emmy Award winning series, WWII in HD for History. Sacrifice was even more successful than Apocalypse."

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